This is to family Duper, our friends and hosts in Guesthouse Ana in Mlini, on the lovely coast of Croatia:

Finally at last, here are some images taken during our memorable 10 days stay in your lovely house and garden, and in the nearby areas. Truly, we have spoken a lot about the nice and relaxing days at your place. And the interesting conversations. And not to forget, the many delicious vegetables and olive oil from the garden. Hopefully, we will have a reunion in not too long. Lots of greetings from Oscar, Marthe, Øyvind, Helle and Terje.

By the way: Since we returned from Mlini, we have had a 4 week long xtremely hot period here in Trondheim. With temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees C! Which is very rare in these areas of Europe. I think the record note was 32! So you see, we have had solid dose of hot weather here in the far north. I myself, who is not that keen on such high temperatures, was longing back to the smoother temperatures, and the showers we experienced, during our stay in Mlini… A truly memorable holiday, as these images hopefully will show!


From the arrival at Dubrovnik Airport. Thunderclouds in the background.


The guesthouse down left, and the croatian flag.


Luxuriant garden, obviously good soil for growing your own food.


We had some fascinating showers…


A curious grasshopper.


Others neighbours in the garden, more curious with each other.


The family by the see in Mlini.


Bathing and sunbathing at the Mlini riviera.


Cool kid in the Adriatic sea.


Lovely sunset!


Dubrovnik, taken from the wall of the Old Town.


Lovely butterfly – a swallowtail, exclusive for a norwegian!


Another beauty in the Guesthouse Ana garden- the White Y (funny name, but it has a white y under its wings, that´s why..).


Oscar´s favorite activity was looking for snails. Here´s one of them.


Bye for now – and hoping to see you soon!